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Plastic Stacking in another section of the ship is complete. This is the Conduit Blister between the Warp Nacelles.


A slab of Resin inaccurately portraying the base of the blister is removed.





7 plates... 3 large, 4 small spacers are cut from .7mm thick sheet styrene.




Spacer plates are made after holes are drilled through all plates so they can be stacked on a jig for assembly alignment.




Large plates and spacers.




After plates assembled on a jig with the Conduit Blister.







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More work in progress to the dorsal.


Determining the dorsal's lean angle using images of the studio model.... I have an earlier measurement of 31 degrees on another image, 29deg on this one. More than likely due to slightly different perspectives, so I "meaned" it out to 30 deg.




Work on the Torp Launcher inserts is almost done. Much coordination between me, and Bob "Activaboy" Morgan.


Studio model...



3D model images





upside down side view



right side up oblique







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Mad skills!!!!!!!

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Posted (edited)

Small update while waiting for the 3D Dorsal Torpedo Launchers to show up.


Wrapped up the final stages for the master of the lower half of the Primary Hull. Added the aft bottom plate the saucer's superstructure under the impulse engines will glue down to.




There is a raised paneling detail that covers this section and surrounds the dorsal adapter to the saucer outside the radius of the ring trench. Here the paper template is in place.




The thick plate detail is in place, but further refinement to the part is still needed.




Once the 3D printed dorsal canons arrive, I can finish up assembly of the entire dorsal section and do the final sanding to shape.



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