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Gemini 12 and Agena 1/48

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I started this a couple of years ago and our local club has initiated a UFO 'contest' ( UnFinished Object) and I hope this'll give me the kick start I want to get back to building.

I'm using the 1/48 Revell Gemini kit and the Real Space Models Gemini Update as well as the RSM Agena kit.





The decal for the Agena is homemade ... drawn in Illustrator and printed out.


Agena primed in white


To correct the window coves, I had to cut 'em out and replace 'em with the RSM update parts.



To fill the sizeable gaps, I use scraps of styrene and then file and sand.


I also removed 3/16" from the top of the Recovery section and replaced it the RSM resin. But it may not be seen because I may show the Gemini docked with the Agena.


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The Gemini capsule requires a lot of sanding, and even then, the parts don't mesh well ... but what the heck eh?

I've also added the door hinge plates.



The Agena was sprayed with Gloss Black in preparation for the Alclad Chrome



The Adapter section was accurized a bit ... using Plastruct strip, I installed the handholds. The thrusters are the RSM updates.


And here we are so far.

Some Red paint on the edges of the hatches, White on the Adapter, Gunmetal for the capsule. A litte decaling will be next.


I've still got a couple of builds pending here on ARC and I hope to get back to completing those too.

Thanx for taking a peek!


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Pete I really looking forward to your build. Especially since I also want to do this combo sometime in the future. Everything's looking very good so far.

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Well-l-l ... this took some time to resurrect this build ... something like page 32 on this forum. 

But let's get this one off the Shelf of Doom ...  ;- D



This is the Aft area as it has sat for 10 years ... sheesh, TEN YEARS??

Let me extend my apologies to this model ... !   ;^ D





My homemade decal has faded and I'll see if I can salvage it





In order for the Gemini to fit inside the Agena, I had to file down the nose diameter





Alright, that'll do





This homemade decal was printed off all those years ago, so I shall have to see if it works or falls apart





Starting to add some details. The reference photo, one of many, is in the background







And some Greeblies ...







I don't remember what I did with this decal back then so I thought I'd just peel it off using Vinegar to soften it.

When that didn't work, I just wet-sanded it off





Much better, and you can see the added details on the Aft end too





And a dry fit ... it's longer than I thought it would be ...




So, onto Paint and Decal and hopefully I'll get this Shelf Queen done!


Thanx for looking in 


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Many Thanx Gentlemen!


I had some issues with my 10 year old homemade decal ... I'm glad I printed off 2 of 'em.





I cut this big decal in half and when I put it down, the setting solution didn't allow me to adjust it ... so while manhandling the decal trying to get it into place, the decal rubbed off  in spots. You can see the poor alignment ...

But kudos to Bare Metal Foil's Expert's Choice decal film, it still worked perfectly! Even after all these years!






Using vinegar, I tried to remove this ruined decal as gently as I could ... to no effect.





... and realized that wet sanding it off would be the quickest method.





While thinking about how I can place this decal on the model, damage-free ... it's about 4" long, should I cut it into more than 2 pieces, maybe 4?

And while sleeping, the thought came to mind about using dishwashing liquid instead of setting solution.

Way back in 1979 or '80, I had a buddy who wanted to put a BIG Phoenix decal on the hood of his Firebird ... and he had seen guys doing it with a lotta difficulty, ruining the BIG expensive decal. And he tried dish-soap. IIRC he read about it in Hot Rod or Car Craft magazine.


So I tried this on a piece of tubing and an unused decal from the same sheet. And ... it worked Perfect-a-mundo!

I could move it around quite easily!





It laid down very nicely!





I wiped off the soapy water with a soft brush and then applied setting solution with a soft brush, and will leave it to dry ...




But am I ever happy this worked!   ;^ D

There are a couple of spots where the surface rubbed off so I'll do a little repair work with paint and then on to the finishing!


Thanx for taking a peek Gents!


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I got her done after all these years! This little 1/48 won't win any awards, but I'm a happy old fart  ;- D

When I would do my morning Tai Chi patterns near the workbench, this little guy would be watching me, from the Shelf of Doom, with the most derelict, lonesome eyes, as if to say, don't you love me anymore?? Phew, I won't have to go thru THAT anymore!  ;^ D


The Gemini 12 Decal is homemade and I've added a few little greeblies to the Agena and made the antenna from piano wire and wrapped thin gauge copper wire as the cord.


And I fixed up those little flaws in the Agena decal with some well matched Model Master paint.

On the Gemini, the long, central White decal was breaking apart and I used a spare decal, one of Rick Sternbach's products, to repair it and THAT 'new' decal broke apart in the water ... well, it IS over 10 years old, what should I expect, right?


Anyways, here's a few pix!














Thanx for taking a peek at this build gents ... I've still got 1 or 2, 1/48 Gemini Spacecraft in the stash, and I'd better get those done too before I get too too much older.  ;^ D)))



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Gentlemen, thank you very much!

Capt, I'm busy repairing some models and getting back to completing a couple of Shelf Queens, then onto some new builds in the New Year.

Manfred, I enjoy the restoration process, but only on my builds. A friend asked me to repair one his ship models and I was reluctant, and nervous, to handle it, but it got done, but it was not a fun job.


Randy and Ret, thanks Gents!



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On 12/9/2022 at 9:03 AM, CaptKirk said:

…I always had it in my head that the Agena was much larger…

I’ve had the same delusion for the past 50-something years since I watched a docking broadcast live.


I also agree that your build is <Billy Crystal>Marvelous</Billy Crystal>.

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I don't know about it not winning any awards. As far as I'm concerned, it'd be Gold from me. What a great build! And I'm glad to see that other people have models that have been shelved for 10 years half -way through the build. Make me feel like I've been a trend-setter. As for pulling up decals that haven't quite worked, I use clear packing tape. It'll pull off 95% of the decal, except for the one bit over key fine details. Absolutely love your work. Hope Santa brings you a great new something--to-scratch-build-most-of! Cheers! 

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