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Yet another Tomcat.

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Starting another Tomcat. Its going to use 1/48 Hasegawa F-14A kit with Steel Beach decals.

Still deciding if its VF-41 Su killer or the same airframe in subdued VF-84 colours.

Reason for VF-41, built it but the Detail and Scale decals have gone bad and the original build itself is not so great.

Reason for VF-84, a scheme I have yet to build.

Your choice?


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Here is a photo of why I am re-doing VF-41-107..........nice shot of the intakes and rear gear.


Here is a photo of how the new model is going to sit for a while till my next day off.


I am re-using the pilot and RIO from the old model. Didn't do a bad job on those.

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this kit is the traditional Tomcat that does not wish to be built kit. No end of troubles. You can see in this photo much putty and carving of plastic is going to be needed.


On top of that the kit I am using is missing several pieces. So I retrieved the old kit from the trash to become a donor. The kit I am using has zero clear parts. So I ripped the front windshield off the old one. That worked fine but the canopy broke apart. Luckily the damage was a the window sills so I rebuilt that with card , spit and putty. Its a wee bit wider then the original but I think will work.

Next, the kit I am using is the Wolfpack edition with the wrong tails and wrong rear. So the old kit has been harvested for those parts. We'll see how they all go together once I get some more build time.

Interesting how my last two Tomcats went together so easily compared to this one.

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Lots more putty has happened. This kit is a bear.

In the back ground is the donor kit. So you can see some of the parts that have been harvested. Might use the old kits wheels. The tires on the new kit seem damp and have a weird feel to them , like the chemicals are coming apart at the molecular level or something.


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