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A300 to A310 conversion... How To...

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Hi All,

I'm keen in converting the Airfix 1/144 A300-B4 to a A310 MRTT...

I tried 'googling' for diagrams and drawings but to no avail...

Does anyone knows where I can find such details?

Thank You

Good luck.

May the force be with you :bandhead2:

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Thanks for the link... Eric2020

I would probably have to buy A310 to make things easier... Otherwise, I've a spare A300 ready on hand...

If you want to start with the A300, then Jennings is right.

If you do use a Revell A310, you might want to graft on the A300 nose anyway as the Revell A310 nose is off shape wise.

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There is a discussion going on elsewhere about the A300-600. 




It raises a question to me.  I have been looking a long time for this issue, but cannot find any diagram showing it.


We all know that both A300-600 and A310 share the same back fuselage.


Many suggestions all over showing how to work out the fuselage.


Would anyone have a diagram showing the shape difference of  both stabilizers : A300 and A310/300-600 . Though it is subtle in span, what about its chord and area ?


And also both wings shapes of the A300 and A310 as the latter wing is much different.

You'll notice that the blue drawing shows 2 fuselage cuts above the wing, resulting in a shorter chord, but no instruction mentions how to deal with it. 


A300 and A300-600 wings have indeed some differences (flaps, no outboard aileron, no wing fence, wingtip fence ) but not in the overall shape and area.


Not just a general drawing, but rather something like a superposition or colour overlap.


Thank you.





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Hi there,


I suppose no one could succeed in this query.


Then, would any body having in his stash an A310 or A340 be able to over line a stab of these airplane together or beside an A300 stab  (1/144th scale is convenient) on a sheet of paper, so we can compare their size.


Thank you very much


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Hi Cubs2jets,


Thank you for your message and advice.


However,  this question has been pending for two years now and been read by around 2,000 times.

Could it be that nobody cares about it ?


The Airliner builders community is not so large over the globe.

Do you really think that the readers over the Airliner cafe and here (including those banned) are different people ?


Only a few are sharing their works. Others just come sneaking, pumping out ideas or infos for their builds.


Thank you for your interest in my search.




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