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Here's my latest completion.

A Tamiya 1:12 scale Honda CBR400F, '83-'85 model. I expect the kit dates back to around then too. It was given to me by a club member who got it at a yard sale for a dollar. He only builds street rods (highly and superbly modified) so when he saw this kit laying forlornly on the blanket in its battered box, he thought of me. Thanks Bill!

It's built almost out of the box. I only added a few punched disk bits to represent fasteners that Tamiya couldn't include and still get the parts out of the molds. I also filled in hollows in the off sides of the exhaust, forks and hand grips that Tamiya used to, I presume, eliminate sink marks in those parts.

Brake rotors are drilled out, as are the triangular panels behind the steering head on each side. Those have about 50 little holes apiece. Paint is: Testors' Boyd's White over Tamiya white primer for the fairing. Floquil 'Old Silver' for the frame, Tamiya Satin Black for most of the engine, the airbox, fenders, turn signals...Testors' gloss black for most of the rest of the detail except that I used Alclad black primer for the exhaust to give a little variety to the tones of black. Oh, yeah, I added a drop of white to the satin black for the airbox to add variety there, too. The glinty-bits are various shades of Alclad. Chrome over unpolished Alclad black primer on the exhaust cans, and the same over polished gloss black for the fork legs, carb tops and a few other bits I wanted shiny; Alclad stainless steel for the braking surfaces of the rotors and Alclad airframe aluminum for most of the rest not already mentioned. I didn't weather it at all but did use a bit of Tamiya 'Smoke' to add depth.





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