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Need reference material for FlaK 36

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Hi all.

I am researching material for a potential school project. I attend a technical school's metal department and we've been tasked with finding a cannon to make in the machineshop. My thoughts immediately turned to the immensely potent 88mm. The others are likely going to make 16th-18th century guns, as they're quite simple. The exact model of 88mm is not really important, but it's preferable to have one with shield and bogies.

I need schematics/blueprints with measurements if possible, as I need to scale it down by quite a lot and I do have time constraints. It could be done without schematics, but that'd probably be too time consuming.

I have looked around the forum and the web in general, but I can't seem to find any schematics apart from some three-views. I asked a friend where I can ask for references, and I was directed to this website.

I really hope you guys can help me.

Edit: Flak 36 was a typo, I do ofcourse mean the 88mm Flak 37.

Best regards


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