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1/72 Space Shuttle Parts for sale

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I figured instead of starting a new post, probably best to keep this one alive.
So around Xmas last year, I wound up getting a new resin 3D printer (Anycubic Mono X). The main driver to one was to make an attempt at coming up with custom shuttle pieces, inspired partly by what I saw others on this forum doing. The other part was, despite the wonderful pieces that are available on shapeways, to avoid the substantial overhead that comes with using them.
Below are several photos of the parts I've designed and printed to this point. Most some are just trial pieces, with some fine tuning required if/when I actually utilize them in a future build.
Similiar parts have been done before by other aftermarket providers, or others in the modeling community. These are my attempts at them.


The SRB aft skirt was actually inspired by the one originally produced (but no longer available) by NiArt17.
The Intertank is designed so that detailed features can be added subtracted based on mission. One photo showing an early 1/72 scale version on the printer.
The SRB frustum and upper casing were designed based on my experience in trying to custom detail these parts on my 1:144 Airfix stack build. Lots of little details that can be a struggle to adequatly capture. Admittedly, the details are a struggle to print/show up at 1/144 scale. They're more prominent at 1/72 scale.
And of course, it's been done countless times before, but I had to try my hand a the SSME nozzle. I'm actually really pleased with how it turned out. Group photo with it against the RealSpace, and NewWare versions.


Not sure what I'm going to tackle next: I'm leaning towards a SILTS pod and/or drag chute piece that can be more readily be fitted onto the vertical stab.








ET Intertank.JPG

SRB Aft Skirts.JPG

SRB Frustum _Nosecap.JPG

SRB Upper Casing.JPG


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Hey, cool!

Ya know ...

In the back closet ...

is a Monogram 1/72 Shuttle I've had for decades and instead of building have pirated a few parts from for sci-fi builds.

If ...

That Shuttle were to be built it would need SME engine bells ...

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These look amazing! Do you plan on selling them, or making them available for download or purchase on Shapeways? Could use a Shuttle SSME set in 1/100 for the Tamiya kit, I don't think anyone has ever doneoffered 'em in that scale!

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