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Who is thinking Christmas Raffle?

Christmas Raffle?  

21 members have voted

  1. 1. We haven't has one in a while. I'm looking to anyone who might be interested

    • YES! This sounds great - I'm in
    • NO Way - this should not be done
    • This is Breadboard's thing! Not yours! Go build a model

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Hi Everyone

I'm spending the holidays in town this year and I want to have some fun. Just measuring the interest in a possible Christmas raffle. I know this is usually Breadboard's thing and I respect that. (Breadboard - if you want me to back off, just say the word).

For those who may not know what I am talking about - one can do a forum search on past Christmas raffles to get an idea of what is going on. Basically ARCers who want to participate just post their name to the Raffle thread. Then a chat room is set up for the Raffle - closer to Christmas. Prizes are those that are donated by the very awesome ARC community. Anyone wishing to donate a prize simply has to post the prize in the Raffle thread. The only caveat being that donors will have to deliver the prize by mail, courier, etc. Warning: this can be expensive as we have ARCers all over the world!

I think I can set up a room simply enough - might be over a free service. I'll look into it if there is enough interest here. Better yet - if I can get some help with this, then I would be interested in suggestions of possible 'text chat' rooms.

Anyway - we had a ton of fun in the past with this.

(Some might even say too much fun... but that is another story)

Let me know what you think! Also - let me know if you could help out!!

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I'll be working as well so being able to take part in this will be a welcome event with nothing to do Christmas night. We haven't done this is a couple of years and sounds like a great Idea. I will also have a couple of things to donate as well. I'm in.

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Its been posted for a week with only 275 views generating 17 positive votes. I'm thinking it was probably too late to set it up for a raffle. But let's forge on. Ill figure out the public chat room this weekend and post the Raffle participation page.

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