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Jordan 911 - The Jordan Ford 191 launch car!

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Finally finally finally I get my busy workload out of the way so that I can join in on the group build. Santa brought me a Tamiya Jordan 191 kit yesterday, and I'll be making it into the all black carbon fibre launch car which was originally called the 911. I believe Porsche weren't too happy with this and forced Eddie Jordan to change the name of the car. I also believe that as part of the deal, Eddie was given a Porsche 911 as some sort of compensation.

My plan is to use SMS carbon fibre decals, and some zero paints smoke over the top to tone it down. After market seatbelts and some photo etch fasteners will be the other after market bits I'll use and maybe some tyre valves too.

I've always wanted to do an all carbon fibre car, so this looks like a good one to start on.

Here we go, the unopened bags and Autosport.com to prove the date


and a sprue shot


And a quick Christmas Day mock up. It's a sleek looking car indeed!


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It does look very sleek. Looks like it is a fast build. What parts are carbon fibre?, and do the aftermarket decals include coverage for all?


Hi Don, the whole car was presented in black cardon fibre at launch, also with yellow Jordan 911 decals. I will be making my own templates and using cardbon fibre decals over a glossy black base. It will take quite some time, but should look pretty good. I've been using SMS carbon fibre decal sheets for sometime now, and I've been working up to a big challenge such as decalling an entire car!


Here is a small update. I've glued the bottom of the body to the floor and used some putty to blend it in. My reference pictures show this to be one curved piece, so I didn't want any seams. Once the primer is on this weekend, I will be able to tidy it up further.


I've also gotten rid of the molded in seatbelts, they will be replaced by an aftermarket set.



Lots of prep work has gone into the rest of the body parts. It is now all awaiting some grey primer, which I intend to do this weekend.

Thanks for watching, and Happy New Year!

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Today has been about priming all the parts. Here's the bdy ready for its black paint in a few days time. Looks like I've found myself a few fitting issues at the rear, probably due to the floor puttying/blending into the side panels. I am pretty sure I'll be able to fix this.


More later this week!

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Such a good looking car. They had great lines in the early 90s.


That is sleek lookin. The noses are supposed to be coming back down this year. New cars to be introduced Jan 23-28...

Mike T

Don't count on them looking anywhere near as sexy as these care. Earl 90s cars would never pass the regulations they have today for crash tests and such. From what I've seen the cars could be epically ugly this year. We'll see if they actually are and if so if the FIA actually does anything about it. Stepped noses were bad but what I've seen possible for this years cars is just awful.

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Thanks for the comments. The noses certainly are interesting this season. Despite the ugliness of them, I'd still love a model kit of a 2014 car to sit alongside cars from other eras. I must still get hold of a Fujimi 2012 Ferrari or Sauber kit for that matter!

Back to the 90's anyway. Some good progress has been made to the Jordan. The body parts have received some gloss black paint.


and the job of applying the carbon fibre decals is finally upon me. I've started with the monocoque and I've been taking my time, using lots of microsol and microset and some gentle heat from a hairdryer. There are some imperfections, as expected, but after some smoke and clear, it should look a little better:



I've also made a start of the cockpit, after removing the moulded in seatbelts, I applied some microballoons for texture. I'm using a MFH seatbelt set for this. I've also added some carbon fibre decals around the side walls. I may need to do something about that gear leaver though!


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I'll buy the 2014 cars if they kit them. They may be ugly but as you said they're still F1 cars. Unless they only kit the Ferrari who I don't care for.

Looking good. I've spent the last 3 hours or so decaling on my McLaren and it's all micro set and sol and heat and patience.

Keep it up!

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Another update, I'm still smoothing out the floor and preparing it for some more primer, black paint and then some carbon fibre decals


The monocoque is now completely carbonized and smoked. I varied the tone a little by using different types of twill weave decals. I did this after examining my earlier reference photo, you can see somne variation in the panels in this area of the car. It also adds to the model, and looks good in person. The camera of course highlights lots of imperfections that aren't too visible in person.



I normally hate making and then applying the decals and stencils to the wheels and tyres, but this came out ok. Just need to sand the seams a little more.


And a nice little mock-up.


... and a few other odds and ends, a rear panel and the brakes and break ducts. As this will be a wheels on build, I'm not too worried about the light grey coloured breaks, it looks good through the spokes.


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Almost there...

Although this'll be a curbside build with the cowling on, here is the engine and transmission, with a rear wheel in place.


The front end more-or-less complete:


and finally for today a mock up. The floor has since been primed once more.


I'm still confident that I'll have this one completed by the deadline next week!

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