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AMT Klingon Bird of Prey

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I got a bargain deal on said kit, Generations boxing. I've got a Star Trek IV diorama in mind for this. That being said...does anybody have the Round 2 boxing that won't be using the landing gear/bays and landing configuration radiator baffles?

I figured it would get a better response here than in the buy/sell section.



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Two parter. It's going to be landed on Vulcan, and then cloaked in the park with the Huey loading the plexi in.

It would be a lot quicker to build if I could get the afore mentioned parts from someone who isn't using them, otherwise scratchbuild here I come

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G'Day Archybean/David, I am willing to assist you by supplying the kit parts that you require. True - I must do a bit of excavation within the stash to locate the carton that contains the kit before I can extract the parts. I'm in Australia. Where do you want them sent-to?

Don't forget to do the OOB cloaked mode as per the instructions. I did that in the National Competition (Model Expo) about 12 years ago - and people talk about it still!!!

George (aka, the Loggie), out..............

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