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Here is my second entry into the group build, with the Ferrari 126C2 finished. It is EBBRO's JPS Lotus 72E.

My model will represent Emerson Fittipaldi's Lotus 72E from the 1973 Formula 1 Season. I haven't decided on a race yet, but I need to do that soon as I need to order a nameplate for it.

At Scale Model World in November, I bought three of the EBBRO kits: this, the Rob Walker 72C, and the 1967 Lotus 49. Every single build report or review that I have seen about these kits praises the quality, and attention to detail in these kits, and some even suggest that the quality is as good as or even better than Tamiya. Whilst I don't completely disagree with these statements, I do think that the model has some flaws.

First of all, the front suspension assembly was a nightmare to build. The suspension arms didn't at all fit: they pushed the front and rear vertical panels out of place, which led to me having to leave it in clamps overnight to set. The assembly is still slightly wonky, but as good as I'll get it. It just seems that the suspension arms are too wide. As far as I can see on the Internet, no-one else seems to have had similar problems, which leads me as to thinking that I have made a mistake somewhere, but I can't see where.

Secondly, although this is a minor problem, the instructions do not include any indication for the wiring on the engine. I referenced some instructions from the Tamiya Wolf WR1, which showed me how to do the eight black wires from the distributor to the black manifold covers, however having looked at my reference photos, it would appear that these wires did not come from there, but rather from a hidden part in the centre of the engine. Again, I may be wrong with this, but I have done so nether-the-less.

The cockpit, on the other hand, assembled perfectly, as did the gearbox. I would, however, complain about the decals for the dashboard gauges, which seemed to have an unnecessary amount of carrier film around the borders (around 3mm, which is a lot on a decal so small).

The cockpit tub and roll-hoop are painted with Tamiya TS-30 Silver Leaf, decanted and through the airbrush. The engine, gearbox and front suspension are painted with Alclad, and Tamiya TS-29 Semi-Gloss Black. The rust effect on the edge of the from brake-discs was achieved with MIG pigment powders.

Here is the box-top, with the Tamiya seatbelt set, along with the EBBRO front frame, which goes on the front of the suspension. I don't like that this wasn't included with the kit, however it didn't cost too much from HLJ, even though I did get hit on import tax at £15! I also have some Tabu Design John Player Special decals on the way from HLJ.







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Leave me alone and I used to be able to bust out builds in a week or so.

Anymore with my girls getting older it's like pulling teeth.

How you liking GT6?

Yeah, GT6 is great, much better than GT5. The handling of the cars is much better and much more manageable. I seem to be progressing through it very quickly however: I've just unlocked the final championship for the International A licence... Then again, I haven't completed all of the races, only enough for me to progress...

I must say, that the NASCARs are much more difficult to drive than in GT5.

Where are you up to in the game?

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I'm really disappointed so far.

Graphics and physics are better but there's almost no content. The computer AI is so much worse than GT5. And some of the cars seem wonky.

Hopefully they bust out some serious updates soon. I o on some GT forums and it seems the majority of the hardcore fans are epically disappointed. It must be showing in sales as well as I saw that it's on sale this weekend already for 40$ places.

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I'm sorry that this hasn't been a very well updated WIP post. Anyway, the Lotus is nearly finished. I am waiting for the JPS decals to come from HLJ, but this could be a few weeks still. So it won't be completely finished for a few weeks.


20140119_130549 by Jake Kilshaw, on Flickr

The tub is Tamiya TS-30 Silver Leaf.

Tamiya seatbelts:


20140119_130603 by Jake Kilshaw, on Flickr

Engine block mostly Alclad and Tamiya Semigloss Black.


20140119_130621 by Jake Kilshaw, on Flickr

Bodywork painted in Tamiya gloss Black, decanted and through the airbrush. The kit decals weren't great, and the pinstripes very difficult to apply.


20140119_130750 by Jake Kilshaw, on Flickr

Wheels were painted in Citadel for the gold and Vallejo black. The pre-printed tyres save a lot of time and hassle... and look great!


20140119_130849 by Jake Kilshaw, on Flickr


20140119_130908 by Jake Kilshaw, on Flickr

I have decided to build this as Fittipaldi's 1973 Spanish GP winning car.



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Here is the finished model. I expected this kit to be fantastic, however I ended up slightly disappointed. I found the front suspension assembly and the gearbox both impossible to build. I attached the gearbox to the engine, and about a week later, I noticed it was wonky. So, I had to detach every single one of the rods in the engine area, and then cut the gearbox away from the engine.

But for the most part, this was a good kit.

I used Tabu Design decals for the JPS markings, Tamiya seatbelts and the EBBRO front nose frame as aftermarket parts.

I am still waiting for a nameplate, which is why there is a big gap on the base!


20140209_180249 by Jake Kilshaw, on Flickr


20140209_180341 by Jake Kilshaw, on Flickr


20140209_180351 by Jake Kilshaw, on Flickr


20140209_180404 by Jake Kilshaw, on Flickr


20140209_180429 by Jake Kilshaw, on Flickr


20140209_180538 by Jake Kilshaw, on Flickr


20140209_180756 by Jake Kilshaw, on Flickr


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