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Hellenic CG AS365 N3 Dauphin

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Hi all,

Looking at the possibility of building one of these in 1/48

AS-365N3 Hellenic Coast Guard


Don't know too much about helicopters so was wondering what kit would I be best buying to try and achieve this and any resin AM that I may need.



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It would be 1/48, I'm looking at the Kitty Hawk AS565 as I think it has everything in the box expect for the short nose, the only other version I can find is the Trumpy SA365 N2 but that kit looks very poor in relation.

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Yes, the KH kit lacks only the short nose

However, the N3 doors are on the long nose sprue. i'm not sure you get the right doors with the future short nose version.

If it is so, you may exchange the nose, or the doors, with somebody who wants to make the Irish version


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Hi Scott

I mean : the picture you linked shows these details.

When you look to a Dauphin, you have to look to some details in order to know if the plastic kit allows to replicate the model you want to buid.

In a twin engine Dauphin, you have to take care :

short or long nose ? (this boxing has only the long nose)

length of nose windows each side (short or long but KH kit supplies both sizes)

metallic or composite tail (both are also in KH kit)

10, 11 or 13 blade fenestron-tail rotor (this boxing has only the 11 blades inside)

bulged or flat rear sliding door ? (this boxing has only bulged)

round, half mond or half mound with cooler exhaust ? (this boxing has half mound)

So when I look to a Dauphin picture, I make a short check to find out the version, as you can do with a AH-1


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