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1/48 Academy MIG-29 9-12

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Happy New Years folks! Here is the only model I completed in 2013. I used a lot of aftermarket items for this one: Aires cockpit, wheel wells and burner cans. Quickboost antennas and IR sensor. Karaya pylons, Miniarm R-27 Alamo and Eduard R-73 Archer missiles and Eduard PE. Tally Ho wheels, Pisco nose, Dream Model pitot tube and Linden Hill decals. I had started this kit long before the announcement of the GWH kit, but decided to press on anyways. Hope you like it? :cheers:/>





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Yes, I KNOW the GWH kit is everyone's New Best Friend right now, but there are some shatteringly good builds of the Academy warhorse around, many of them on this very site! That is a magnificent finish you have achieved there, and the finesse in detailing is superb. :worship:

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You know, if you took this toy plane building thing seriously, you could be pretty good......!

It seems that whenever I get to the point where I'm pleased with what I'm doing, a build like this comes along, and makes me realise that I still have A LOT to improve on.

Wonderful work, Cyrus.


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