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Canadian supporters building a reputation in Malmo

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The Finns played a great game against Canada. (Full Credit for their effort)

I do think Canada played a flat game though. As already mentioned the Finns shut Canada's offense down completely with a well executed game plan and discipline.

I'm looking forward to watching both medal games now. It might be a little tough for me to be up watching at 6 am though. :wacko:/>

Yeah, I know how it is.....became some rather late nights and early mornings when the tournament was held in Canada or USA :)

Well next year it's in Canada again...my turn to stay up late again.

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I made a point of getting up early to watch the game.

Doesn't look good Canada. :crying2:/>

So did I, at least they played a better game although I am still certain we are capable of playing better. Russia got a goal off a Canadian skate and the second goal was just an awful miss by our goalie. Russia deserved to win yesterday, we deserved to win today.

Go Sweden, that's who I am cheering for (my son has a hockey development camp so I won't see all of the game)!

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This was on the TSN website.

The International Ice Hockey Federation will conduct a disciplinary hearing with Sweden's Jesper Pettersson on Sunday morning at 8:30am local time (2:30am ET).

Really no surprise he was suspended, the IHHF is consistent with their discipline. They are typically harsh and I think that is why the game is so much cleaner. The only real trouble I saw this (and not today) is the Russians displayed poor sportsmanship at the end of their games.

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Many of the team Canada players could have played much better than they did. I guess we'll have to wait until next year when the tournament will be held in Montreal.

I'll watch the Gold medal game but I really don't have a favorite. It should be a really good game based on the play of both teams throughout the tournament.

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