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Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Trim Film Catalog

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Here's a link to a bunch of carbon fiber and Kevlar decal patterns that are referenced in size to a postage stamp.

Good for people looking to mail order or have never seen the film before.

Manufactures are slow on this, and do not offer any type of size reference most of the time.

So much in fact, I will continue to work on the project if people are willing to contribute a scan with manufacturer and print number along with a ruler or similar to know size. These should be scanned next to each other in one scan. I'll copy and paste it to my book on Pinterest.

I used a postage stamp because plastic rulers are hard to find that work well on the scanner and the size of a postage stamp is easy to remember and about the right size to think of when looking at a model to form an idea what it will look like.

Enjoy, I hope this helps some.

Trim Film Catalog



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