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1/48 "Weekend Wings Series"

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Where did you get the decals for the Piper Cherokee 140 and Beechcraft Bonanza? I have several of these kits and only got letters and numbers. Are the decals in the new ones?

Yes, Steven. They came out of the current Minicraft kits.

The UV screen came to mind also. I have some really nice Modeller's of Japan chrome foil (the absolute best. amazing stuff. miles apart from bare metal foil.) but I am crazy about showing the interiors.

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Very nice thread gentlemen!

Just ten minutes ago I ordered the Beech V35-kit with the idea to build a regular tail on it, just to discover that I can save myself the trouble! I do hope the window cofiguration won't be like on the box pic; I think the setup on the V35- kit looks better.

Good to see that the Minicraft 1:48 line up is still alive, I still buy them now and then. Indeed: the prices have gone up too much. When I bought my first Pipers, Beech and Cessna price was less than 10 dollars. Why didn't I buy carloads of these kits in those days??!! Too bad I never found the Subaru FA200.

About the slanted registration by Draw decal: from my experience the 1:48 registrations are too big for 1:48 models. I prefer using the 1:72 registrations.

A question for you guys: I would like to put a three bladed propeller om the Beech. Anyone have an idea about aftermarket props that are appropriate?



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Nice job on the Mooney, Whitey. I've been looking for a Mooney, but other than the Aer Subaru, they seem to be the rarest of the bunch. I'm also looking forward to getting the new Bonanza.

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