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Dark Gray Vipers

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Here is a product that was conceived only this morning : F-16s in the new, dark gray camouflage (quite possibly the same color used on the F-35) scheme. I thought about this scheme in the past, but I thought it was a one-off. Apparently there are now enough variety in markings to offer a complete sheet for the new camouflage.

I should be able to release this soon - the drafts below are not production quality work, just some preliminary studies. I will also try and include the Lockheed-Martin company aircraft painted in the same scheme. I will present the finished version later in the week.




Obligatory 1/72 scale disclaimer: Yes.

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Cripes, from these last few posts, its like being over on 72nd Aircraft, that happy band of brothers that only delve into 1/72 kits & produce some mighty works.:)

Seeing as we're having a new F-16 announced from Tamiya in the one tru scale.;) will this sheet for the dark grey scheme(charcoal?, it would be if it was a car :D)be appropriate for that kit?


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There will be more of these dark gray jets in the near future, and I will feature some of them in other sheets in various scales over time. I will only announce them when I have any concrete plans.

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