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Tiger, Jagdtiger, StuG, SdKfz 251, and Panzer IV, I like them all. As for tanks (German), my favorite, naturally enough, is the Tiger, for tank destroyers, the Jagdtiger, no question about it. (In fact, the 1:16 Trumpeter Jagdtiger is on my short list of kits to acquire.)


The Schiffer books in the Legends series are a great value, in my opinion; great photos, glossy paper stock, hardbound, good prices and with easy to read descriptions. I highly recommend them.




This is by no means all of the Tiger references I have, but does reflect the general spirit of the books I've been prone to buy in the last few years.











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On 1/13/2014 at 12:43 PM, Exhausted said:

Greetings fellow netizens,

This thread is about books you begin and finish this year. This isn't a contest for numbers, just a chance to share what you read and your take on it. With that being said, I have completed my first book, read entirely this year.

11 Days of Christmas by Marshall Michel III

It's a great insight into SAC's Vietnam days, from LeMay's continual reluctance (since Korea) to commit SAC bombers to non-nuclear conflict to the micro-management that nearly dooms Linebacker II. Michel introduces the points of views of President Nixon, the newly elected congress, Joint Chiefs, BUFF crews on from Andersen and U-Tapao, Wild Weasel and Phantom crews, as well as the meager MiG and SAM crews assigned to Hanoi's defense.

All I can say is that it appears that no single decision is wholly responsible for the outcome of the Second Indo-China War, but instead a series of questionable ones from people at all levels.

I recently finished a boot titled Tank Rider about a young Russian's trip to Berlin ontop a tank. Very good! Then I read Legend. All I can say is wow! It's about Roy Benivedas and his life in the combat zone. You'll learn how he won the CMH while spending about five hours combat time in his second tour. A must read!

       Currently reading " And I Lived To Tell It All" but George Jones! Good book so far.


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