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Lynx Helicopter/ Revell Kit/ 1/32 scale

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Its hard to keep the interior from too much weathering since English Lynxes are kept pretty clean.


Outstanding weathering, all looking good, oh & they are from the U.K. Royal Navy not just England.


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Norbert, I was familiar with that crashed helo. I do like that a lot but not what I want to do.

Heres the latest as of today.Seats not just quite done yet, still to do a wash on seat frames and a drybrush as well as gluing on the seatbelts.







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Hi Oliver,

Nice progress so far! You are quite fast on your Linx. ;) I suspect you take a sort of leave to make a deep plunge into it. LOL

I love the way the 'pit looks like.

But tell me honestly. Do you still keep in mind to have all those parts to be smashed into the dio base???

I still hope you will have changed your mind.

Cheers and happy modeling!


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Hi everyone

The lynx is on hold for now....back in the box...i wasnt feeling it for some reason...cant remember last time i did that

I did however start on the Super Frelon from heller in 1/35 scale.....its a beast.


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On 5/7/2020 at 11:03 PM, Rotorman said:

Back on the Lynx till i get the nose conversion for the Wessex.  


Good to hear this is back on. Give me some motivation to start my Lynx builds that have been sat on the shelf for years!

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