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Metal Landing Gear for the Revell F-14

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Does the Revel kit need metal landing gear? I built at least half a dozen way back in the day and the stock plastic pieces never gave me trouble.

Yeah, I may be over-reacting. I just want this baby to last! I thought I may have damaged a main gear wheel axle while trying to squeeze on the wheel, but it will probably be ok.

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the Revellogram tomcat has one of the stoutest landing gears of any model I've ever built. Far be it from me to tell you what to put on your model, but the kit supplied gear is plenty sturdy. Of all the Revellogram tomcats I've built (and I've lost count) only ONE ever had a gear that broke, and it was a clean break at the kit part... all I had to do was re-glue it.

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I don't know about gear made for the HB kit, but if you are looking at using metal gear made for the Hasegawa kit, it will not fit without modification to the Monogram kit. The main gear for the Hasegawa kit is longer, as the gear bays are deeper. You will need to cut out part of the fuselage, and rebuild the bay. Also, the SAC gear requires plastic parts from the respective kits. If using this set for the Monogram kit I would go with G-Factor, as you do not need any additional parts.


-Doug :)

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