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I assume you're talking about the reverse printed press on decals? They're very easy to handle and leave a nice result. Better than a normal decal with it's added film.

Steps I take.

1. Clean tire

2. Cut decal from sheet and remove top later of protective paper. Usually use the tip of a blade. Make sure not to touch decal afterwards or you might make it come off on your finger.

3. Dip finger in water and brush water onto tire where decal is going.

4. Place decal face down on tire. Align into position with the water that was on the tire don't add any yet.

5. Once in place wet finger again and soak down decal through it's backing paper. Rub gently onto the tire wall an make sure it's soaked throughout but don't use too much excess water.

6. After rubbing and making sure decal is adhered tire slowly lift one corner of the backing paper and remove. If lettering sticks to paper replace and re-rub decal. May need more water.

7. Let air dry then cover with whatever flat top coat of your choice. Or let go without a top coat. Not always needed.

Seems complicated but is really easy.

Hope that helps.

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