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Jet Age Dogfight

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Here is another version of my F-86 piece. This was actually the original way I had envisioned the scene and the one I first pitched to the client. They wanted something less blue so I ended up with the mountainous background in the piece that was released last year. I am calling this version "Jet Age Dogfight".

After World War II the development of jet engine technology and advances in aerodynamics revolutionized the aircraft industry. When war broke out in Korea, the Russian built MiG 15 proved a major shock to American forces. Fortunately, the F-86 Sabre proved up to the task of taking on the advanced Russian machine. Armed with 6 .50 caliber machine guns, the F-86 dueled with the MiG in aerial combat. Though relatively equal aircraft, better pilot training and tactics gave the edge to the Sabre and it finished the war with an impressive 10:1 kill ratio in favor of the Sabre. There was no doubt, the jet age had arrived and forever changed the nature of aerial combat.

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