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Lindberg Charger Police Car

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I have the TX highway patrol boxing, but am trying to identify the extra overhead lights included in the kit. From the box top of the undecorated version (which I don't have), I see the lights identified as:

Code 3-360

Code 3-Javelin

Code 3-MX7000

Federal Signal-Arjent



Whelen-Edge Ultra

Whelen-Patriot LED

So far I've correlated the Vector to parts 242 & 224, and I believe the Code 3 360 is 237, 232, & 239 and the MX7000 is 241 & 228, but I'm at a loss for matching the remaining parts with the make & model.

Any help is appreciated...thanks!


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Hey Jonah, Awesome kit isn't it? From what I can tell, these are the various light bars in the kit.

Code 3-360 = 237,232, 239

Code 3 Javelin = 240, 230, 238

Code 3 MX-7000 = 241, 228

(I think the box top has the Javelin and the 7000 mixed. The photos I've seen show the Javelin as the thinner of the two)

Fed. Sig - Arjent = 233,231

Tomar Blade = 236, 227

Vector V = 242, 224

Whelen Edge Ultra - 226, 225, 234

Whelen Partiot - 235, 229

I'm pretty sure that's right but I could be backwards on the Edge and the Patriot because they both should have a smooth top. Part 234 in the kit isn't really correct. If I ever use that bar I'll probably remove the ribs from the top and sand it smooth.

Hope that helps,


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