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Best way to store unbulit models?

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Hi All,

I'm trying to get an early jump on Spring cleaning. I'm thinking that my unbuilt models take up too much usable space and would like to store doubles and some models I am not going to get to for awhile either in the basement or in the storage spaces on the second floor.

Whats the best way to store kits? Take out the decals and store the boxes in plastic storage boxes? Does it really mater if all the models lay flat or is OK to store on the side? Do I even need plastic storage? Regular cardboard moving boxes OK or I guess at least the plastic boxes offer water protection. Just want to see how you guys store your "overflow".

As for the spaces I would store in, the updtairs is like a crawlspace, insulated, and pretty dry but no climate control. The basement would be the boiler room, its next to a furnished living space.

Any recommendations are appreciated.

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My advice is to store them wherever they'll be the driest. Humidity will wreck havoc on the boxes, decals, and instructions. I think the containers you use are less important, because even plastic options are usually not airtight (though obviously they will protect the kits in the event of a water event).

Steven Brown

Scale Model Soup

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I use either cardboard paper boxes (those that reams of paper come in, 17 1/2 x 11 1/2 x 9 in. / 44 x 29 x 23 cm) or cardboard file storage boxes like here.

You also need to think about temperature extremes, since you don't want anything to either freeze, or get above 120 F / 49 C. Rapid shifts between the extremes can also weaken plastic and crack decals from expansion and contraction of the material. If you're concerned about moisture, wrap the boxes in large plastic bags. Also, think about mice and other critters that may try to make the stash a living space and chew stuff up.

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My kits are stored complete, in cardboard boxes on shelves in a tin shed. Plastic tubs are used for small kits and accessories, as much for vision as protection. Our climate is Mediterranean, with moderate winter rain and hot, dry summers. This is a major consideration when choosing a storage option. Humidity seems to be the main problem in kit storage.

Heat not so much. I bought a lot of kits that had been stored in a seatainer in outdoor storage at a tropical port for over a decade. Temperatures of in excess of 70c (say 156f) would have occurred in that space on 30 days per annum over that period. The damage was limited to ruined decal sheets. Matchbox decals bonded to the protective sheet, tho' I hear that occurs world wide.

Good luck with making safe choices.


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