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The Orbiter was built I don't know how many years ago ... 8 ... 9?

The wings are glued on and that's about it. The Payload Bay is from Real Space and I augmented it with a little copper wire and some scrap styrene. IIRC, RSM didn't provide enuff segments in the Payload Bay, 12 instead of 13 ... but I'll try to work with this flaw. If I can't make the equipment fit, I'll resort to using the kit's PB.



Here's the scratchbuilt Hubble. I built this 5 or 6 years ago too with the intent to build it into a Shuttle diorama.



Alright-y then ... pitter patter, let's get at 'er!


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I don't know Pete, it looks like about 26% is completed. :rofl:/>/>/>

The rules state 25-ish%. I think he falls within the "ish" tolerance so it's good in my opinion.

BTW...hold on one frekin second "Here's the scratchbuilt Hubble. I built this 5 or 6 years ago too with the intent to build it into a Shuttle diorama." :jaw-dropping:/>/>

Where you been hiding THAT thing? I would be interesting in what it took to build that alone. Perhaps I should assign you some after school work and you do a write-up on what was involved in the Hubble build. It's only fair if you're slipping in under 25% mark... :whistle:/>/> ok, I'm kidding, you don't HAVE to, but I think we'd all like to know a little back ground on it...class?


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I thought the Hubble was posted here already ... but it must've been on another site ... somewhere!!

This was before I discovered ARC ... so here are the build pix of the HST ... there aren't too many of 'em.

A length of plastic drain pipe, (ABS?) Some styrene disks and let's get started.


I wrapped the drain pipe with small, ,040" evergreen strip.

The Solar Panels are bits of styrene and aluminum sheet with a Solar Panel decal, homemade.


If memory serves, the antenna dishes were from a 1/24 Gemini kit and they were fuel tank halves which were sanded down a bit.


Wrapping it in household Aluminum foil. the little white pieces on the bottom are where the handholds will attach to.




Aft view





This was one of my very first builds and I may have to rework some items on it.

You know ... I don't even know if it'll fit in the Payload Bay :unsure:

So does all this potential rework bring down the completion percentage a couple points?? I say ... Yup. :rolleyes:


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