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VERY nice indeed. I didn't even know about this AMU. Very cool looking. Can't wait to see it finished.

And BTW, you can't have fun in here, this is a serious model group build. If you're caught having fun there will be stiff penalties and fines for such an act. So I better start seeing some aggravation and anger coming or you're in big trouble! :woot.gif:


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And I wanted to tint the Astro's visor the 'gold' colour, but am trying using Tamiya Translucent Orange. It may pass, but I may just paint the visor black on the inside.




This link might have a solution for the Visor effect you are looking for. Scroll down on this forum I have linked.

EA-6B build



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I'm sure however you do it it will turn out just wonderful...as always. Keep up the great work. Can't wait to see it finished. And about that cut-away ET... :whistle:/>


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Yeah, this 6 month deadline sure did creep up on me, eh?

While my intentions are still really good, over the past 2 years I've had a series of small health issues which have, shall I say, distracted me.

This model hasn't progressed at all, which disappoints me, but I sure hope to get it completed ... this one and about 4 other build threads that I haven't been able to concentrate on ... :crying2:

A week and a half to go huh? ... yikes ... I'll keep my fingers crossed. :thumbsup:


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So sorry to hear of your health issues! Your builds are some of the ones I look forward to seeing the most when I come to this board. I have been so inspired by your work! I hope you are able to get everything straightened out soon.


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Thanx alot Hotdog! It's much appreciated ... and you know what? I went to see my local Shaman a couple of weeks ago, and she gave me some potions and rattled her necklace made of bones over my head, and this week, I ... have ... been ... feeling better. And with your gentle nudge, I actually had, and have, the urge to sit down at the model bench and have some fun!

Thanx again! :thumbsup:

I did some much needed work to the Agena ...

There's what I think is a cabling tube which I built and installed.


And the material the funnel is made from doesn't like normal plastic cement, so I made a couple of guides / supports for the funnel.

Viewed from inside ...


... and viewed from the front. I also installed a section of rod to conceal the seam.


And I coated the funnel with 2 coats of Future. Styrene and cement WILL bond to the Future, but it isn't a real strong bond, but it is strong enuff. I also installed a retaining rod thru the funnel to keep it in place. I'll try Epoxy putty as the last step after painting to permanently attach the funnel. I hope it'll adhere it.


I've attached the Docking Collar (Funnel) with plenty of greeblies ... wiring, actuators, dampers and status display ...


Thanx for taking a peek ... and I sure I hope I can get 'er done for the end o' the week!


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The Astronaut is done ... AMU ( Astronaut Maneuvering Unit) has been attached and the ELSS Chest Pack with hoses and cabling attached too.

A lot of Greeblies to represent actuators and dampers, Static dischargers etc were attached to the Docking Collar.



... and the Astronaut






The AGENA is next, but I printed out the BIG decal and the printer settings were incorrect and the quality was just plain poor. So I have to get more Decal film. Hopefully I can get this model done this week!

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Thanx crackerjazz ... on both counts!

Well, the Decal Film hasn't arrived yet and I wanted to see how the Agena would look, and I just attached a paper printout to the tube. And while looking at the images, I thought it didn't look all that bad. " ... I wonder how applying a decal would improve this? ... "

I'm gonna give it a little more thought, but I just may apply some Aluminum Foil to the paper and call this model DONE!

Here's some pix pre-foiling!





I hope I can get this 'completed' by end of day tomorrow ... however when the decal film arrives, I'll maybe 'complete' this model with that and then post the 'finished' model in a week or two.

Any thought on adhering paper to Painted ( Spray acrylic ) ABS plastic?


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Well, I missed this GB deadline, but still wanna see this model finished.

I used the paper 'decal' 'cuz I thought it looked just fine. If I had used the decal, I woulda had to cut it into sections and then spray a dullcote over it to flatten the gloss. The paper was easy to apply and the surface was already flat. Eezy-peezy!

I applied household Aluminum foil to the ABS tube and then coated the paper in Rubber Cement, that I've had for years ( I used it when I was a Graphic Designer in the pre-Mac days! :whistle: )

I also added a lot of 'greeblies' to the Docking Collar.


This is the backside of the paper decal ... with cutouts for the foil to show thru


Wrapping it onto the tube


Adding some detail to the tube


Some details to the Docking Collar


.. and ... DONE!



Here's a couple of the Astro just show some of the detail and decals I added to it ...



I'll post some pix in the GB Finished folder!

Thanx alot Bill ... this was fun ... and I think i re-discovered my modelling mojo!! :yahoo:


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