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Restock Of The A-7 Set?

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Hi Chris,


Hope you're doing well.


I see that you haven't post any update and I was wondering how's everything going on with the set?


Since you mention that you have a significant cost in producing this set what alternatives do you have in order to produce it and at the same time keep the cost low so we don't have to pay too much for it? I know that a pre-order could not be an option for many reasons so, what other alternatives there may be? Especially, if you consider the fact that some of us live abroad and therefore we also have to consider the shipping cost.


Many Thanks,


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I would absolutely love to be proven wrong.  I would buy an A-7 Correct Set in a heartbeat, but his silence is deafening.  The vacuform canopy cannot be sourced properly according to Zactoman; hence, we will never see this set again.  If you want one, be prepared to be gouged on eBay.  

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Everybody is talking about this set (even offline) and I totally get it, it's 1/32 and the Corsair (I even got one in my stock) looks amazing in this scale but, I was wondering since Chris has the designs and probably in a digital format, he could scale down the set (air intake and canopy) to 1/72 and 1/48, thus, minimizing the production cost and keeping everybody happy. In 1/72 it is quite rare to find a Fujimi kit with a descent price, the same is true for the Hasegawa kit (1/48). Therefore, the only option is the HobbyBoss kits that have two significant mishaps; the air intake (and consequently, a windscreen/ canopy with the wrong shape) and the engine's exhaust. OK, the second one is not that difficult to fix but, the air intake is very OBVIOUS and almost impossible to fix without altering the front part of the lower fuselage.


So, Chris, if you're reading this I would like to ask you if you have considered scaling down your set and if so, any plans of seeing a set in 1/72 or, 1/48, in the near future?.

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