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1/32 Tomcat fuel tank pylons

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Now available! http://www.zactomodels.com/

These are the pylons I made for my Trump Intake correction that I've adapted to fit the Tamiya kit.




You will need to drill locator holes and remove the existing locator pins on the intake parts. Tamiya got these in the wrong location.


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BTW; The link for the 1/144th scale F-15 details goes to the MIG-29 page.

Thanks for letting me know.

I don't know how I did it, but the first half of the text link was set to the MiG-29 page and the second half went to the F-15 page.

It must have been that way since I first released the F-15 parts as I haven't messed with that area when updating my home page.

Maybe now I'll get a flood of F-15 orders!


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Chris, this might indicate that the Tamiya cat's days are over and the Trumpeter offering is becoming the preferred option..

I have the whole intake set and it is amazing! What I think would be a nice project is to produce an F-8P French Crusader...but is there a market for it...dunno.

Or design an F-16A/B MLU and F-16D Tamiya conversion set (para brake housings, cockpit improvement, double cockpit. etc.)

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I don't think the lack of sales means the Tamiya Tomcat's days are past, as Aires release some resin parts for this kit as they do for the Trumpeter kit. I just think this is not an accessory that has much demand or offer a significant improvement when there are areas far more demanding of attention. Why would you buy a set of pylons and cover them up with fuel tanks? If I wanted a clean Tomcat (i.e. without fuel tanks), then I would leave the pylons off for a cleaner look. My own choices of aftermarket for this kit that AFAIK is not offered elsewhere would be proper intakes and exhaust fairings. For some reason best known to Aires they do not include these in their exhaust kit. Wheel wells would be great unless the Aires ones for the Trumpeter kit can be adapted to the Tamiya kit without too much problems?


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