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Well, the GB has ended a month ago. Sadly, it wasn't that much of a success this time, I just couldn't find the motivation I had in the past with other GB's. For that, I apologize. I waited a bit with the raffle, to see if someone might sneak in another build, but it looks like we have 5 finished builds now.

Sooooo, that means, everyone who finished a model is a winner! :woot.gif:

From Canuck Decals, we have one sheet each of his Canadian Neptune decals and CP-140 decals. I have these here waiting to be shipped, and I must say they look great!

Sierra Hotel has offered some resin 1/48 S-3 intake sets, and I'm in touch with him at the moment to work out the details.

So, stay tuned Phantom, doupnik and Spectre711, I will contact you shortly.

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Alright, me and Benner did the raffle, and here are the results:

Phantom wins the Canuck Decals for the CP-122 Neptune

Doupnik wins the Canuck Decals for the CP-140 Aurora in FIP markings

Spectre711 wins the Sierra Hotel S-3 resin intake set

Congrats guys. Shawn and Doupnik, I will send you a PM as well, to get your address, I believe I still have yours, Spectre.

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