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Painting tank tracks

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A few years ago I got myself my first model tank...Tamiya's T-55...loved building it too. Now, while it is not complete, due too not sure about how to deal with the rubber style tracks. As in painting them. They are glued, but stuck on this part...

How does one paint them?

What color is good to give them the look of being dusted up?



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Thanks for the link, but I forgot to bookmark it and now it doesn't seem to work. Error 404.

Anyways, I don't recall if the tracks were primed with a primer or just given a coat of desired paint. Anyone have any suggestions?



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I am far from a tank modeler but I found a couple of ways to get half decent looking tracks

Prime them

Paint any form of silver/metallic etc. I go for the darker stuff.

Spray a thin mix of tamiya red-brown. Like 70% thinner to 30% paint.... this will build up a nice dark rusty colour

Drybrush with a metallic paint or grind up some pencil and rub it on with your finger

Now - if there are rubber pads on the tracks you have to mask and paint these after.

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I go the opposite route.

I begin with a brown primer, then give them a very heavy wash of a dark brown, almost black oils.

Then drybrush with Humbroll oily steel.

To achieve a dustier look, I precede the steel drybrushing with a misty spray of 9 parts flat coat to 1 part light tan color.

This is a very light dust effect on my Desert Storm Sheridan


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