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Viper MiG killer sheet?

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Hi Jake

Any plans for a "Viper MiG/J-21 Killer sheet"?

We're sorely missing current markings of the following jets;

F-16C USAFE 31FW 510FS AF89-2137 "31 OG" markings - triple J-21 killer

F-16C USAFE 31FW 510FS AF89-2009 "31 FW" markings - single J-21 killer

F-16C USAF 20FW 77FS AF91-0353 "77 FS" markings - MiG 29 killer (newer than 2012-markings?)

F-16C ANG 158FW 134FS AF86-0262 MiG 23 killer

F-16D USAF 56FW 310FS AF90-0778 MiG 25 killer

To fill a complete sheet, you could combine markings of the jet on the day of the kill aswell as latest current markings?

Thanks :)

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It has definitely occurred to me, Niels. I have shot them all recently, so we'll see.

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I have a 1/32 Tamiya kit in the mail TBD any day now and I'm definitely interested in a sheet of killer Vipers. Is there any chance that a sheet like this will be made and released this year? I'm pretty sure it would sell well in all scales.


P.S. Don't forget the Dutch F-16AM MiG-29 killer, 86-0063


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