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WTB/WTT: Zactomodels A-7 Correction set

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I would like to find the Zacto correction set, I think is quite necessary to fix the Trumpeter Corsair.

I gladly pay for the conversion bui if someone could be interested in something from the following list, can be an option:

ACADEMY 1/32 12105 F-16I SUFA


AIRES 2004 ACES II Ejection Seat - Type B

EDUARD 32-061 A-10 Interior Set

CUTTING EDGE 32-021 A-10 Thunderbolt II Pt.2

AIRES 1/32 2009 F-4E/F/G/J Exhaust Nozzles

AVIONIX 1/32 32045 F-100D Super Sabre Cockpit

EDUARD 32181 F-100D Exterior

EDUARD 32184 F-100D Weapon Bay

EDUARD 32185 F-100D Wheel Wells and Undercarriage

EDUARD 32186 F-100D Slats

EDUARD 32193 F-100D Air Brake

EDUARD 32599 F-100D Placards S. A.

EDUARD 32607 F-100D Interior S. A.

EDUARD 32612 F-100D Seat

CAM 1/32 32-018 F-4B "VF-102 Diamondbacks"

EAGLE STRIKE 1/32 32-048 Pacific Corsairs Pt.2

Thanks a lot for the attention.



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