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You realise you can create an account and add your own suggestions to vote for, I have added a few of my own, though none rotary winged since all my wants have been already added. In some cases a few times. I have voted for the MH-53K, Squirrel AS350, A109 Power, UH-1Y and AH-1Y to name a few.

I have found you can vote more than once if you come back each day and don't 'log in'

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Although I like the idea that a model manufacturer listens to clients, the Revell poll has become a victim of its own succes I'm affraid. It has been there for some months and in the meantime several hundreds of model suggestions have been posted. It loads terribly slowly and has no search- option, so nobody bothers any longer to find the earlier suggestions and just posts his own. Which means that in a lot of cases one model has been suggested several times under different names and I doubt that Revell will take the time to look into that. Scrolling through the suggestions, besides the expected carload of military jets of all sorts, a trend to large models is visible: helicopters in 1:35 and airliners in 1:72. Although quite some helicopters are being suggested, almost none of them gets more than minimal support.

When I first visited the site, of the helicopters a 1:48 Mi8 had attracted most support (400 + votes). Now to my surprise a Mi171 and Mi14 got more than 1300 votes! Like Trojan Thunder already mentioned: some people must definitely have logged in more than once or have found other ways to sabotage the results!

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As it stands now, it is not a poll; it is rather a meaningless hodge-podge of ideas from people all over the world. There are some ridiculous (from a financial point of view) suggestions there with dozens of votes. They should have made a preliminary list of subjects they could plausibly do, and post it up to collect votes.

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