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F/A18F and EA-18G.....1/48

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i guys

finished this 2 model....hasegawa kit with little modificatiopns and aftermarket parts...

decal for F is fightertown and for G is twobobs...hope you like

next step is build the part of carrier deck and accessories...

ciao ciao from italy -GIO-










the COMBO...




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all paint is gunze acrylic....thin with tamiya laquer thinner(Yellow cap)

ciao ciao -GIO-

Thanks for your reply. I had a feeling that was the brand as I've seen many nice builds and the one thing they have in common is Gunze acrlics. Sure wish i could find that stuff in the U.S. Thanks again.


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Really nice work! A couple of questions: which flat coat did you use on them? and, are you using a polarized filter on your camera? I like the flat finish and always looking for the best available and liked yours.

Thank you

the final coat i sprayed the testors flat laquer thinned at 60/70%

i dont use polarized filter for photo...i use the canon lens 50mm f1.8 and eos7d camera..

ciao ciao -GIO-

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