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Hi Vince, thanks for stopping by! :) Hi, Pete, there's gotta be a way to stop time -- I can't believe the year is almost over :(

I'm jumping around here -- adding details to the engine...and first steps towards a gimbal -- hopefully something tangible soon.









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I don't want to let you off the hook in your build phase, but ... geez cracker jazz ... your 3D modelling is gorgeous to look at. I used to work as a Technical Illustrator and the details you're capturing are just ... lovely! I have a real appreciation for Black and White Line artwork, with a modicum of shading, and I love looking at your detailed 3D stuff ... :coolio:

Even if you don't build the LLRV in styrene, I hope you get it done in 3D ... man, you do nice work! :yahoo:


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Thought I'd share this in this thread as it's somewhat relevant, and would get more appreciative views than elsewhere. I posted in the other hobbies thread that I collect autographs. The most recent one I got is from Peter Armitage. He was Senior Flight Test Engineer on the Avro Arrow and one of the guys snatched up by NASA when Avro Canada shuttered. One of the many hats he wore during his NASA career (1959-1986) was program manager for the LLTV to get it back on track. His interview is posted on NASA oral history page if anyone wants to read it. It's pretty amazing!


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Nicely done ... I'm Canadian and have worked with guys, about 30 years ago, who worked on the Arrow. I've met some of the other engineers including Jim Floyd, but never thought to get their autographs.

Having built a couple of 1/48 Arrows, and doing my due-diligence research, am well aware of the top engineers at A.V.Roe going to NASA.

The cancellation of the Arrow is still heartbreaking.

Thanx for sharing!

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Oooh, you lucky guy!   I'm trying to get in touch with him.  I came across an old article about a NASA-built LLRV model that used to sit at the Joe Walker Elementary School (PA)  that one day went a-missing and that the students scratchbuilt a new one to replace it using LLRV blueprints that Mr. Ottinger provided.  I wonder if he still has a copy of those. The students are lucky to have set their eyes on such references.


Students recreate missing model
Mural to honor legendary test pilot


"Through NASA, the students hooked up with Wayne Ottinger, president of PAT Projects and the project engineer for the LLRV, who provided the students with photographs and renderings of the vehicle.... The kids had to read original 1963 blueprints of the lunar vehicle." 

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Whaddaya mean ... "Some of the tubes are off-size so I'm still wondering what to use for them."

What's the scaled diameter you need? ( Are those the scaled diameters  1.79 and 4.62 mm? ) I ask because there's all kinds of styrene rod available at small diameters. Or you can stretch some styrene tube as you would stretching sprue, if you still want the hole all the way through.


Plus, don't be too fixated on getting the exact scaled diameter ... if you're off by a micron or two ... nobody's gonna parse your build to that degree.  :rolleyes:

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Hey, Pete,  yeah, I obsess too much about some details unnecessarily sometimes and it slows down my progress on any project.   Knowing how to approximate shapes (e.g, this looks like this at this scale and such)  is something I haven't fully learned and I know it's  a necessary modeling skill, otherwise nothing will get  done -- I'm proof of that  :rolleyes:

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scratch-building at its very very finest............and as our bonus, wonderful CAD + a excellent photo resource to view.   

It been an absolute delight catching up on your posts....

The engine.............an extraordinary piece that is a model in its own right.

This going to end up as a definitive example of model making skills I am sure.

Am lost for superlatives.

Keep chopping the styrene.



ps. its also good to find you indulge in a little model hopping as well...don' forget your LM...

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I fully agree with John, this is scratch-building and especially CAD-Ecstasy from another star ... cant-believe-my-eyes-smiley-emoticon.gif 

To say it briefly, simply Modeling Madness ... eek.gif

BTW, are you familiar with the word "obsession"? denknf8.gif

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