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Steel Beach spring update

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It's been quite the busy school year being in a new grade level, but the end is in sight. Only 25 school days left! Once summer hits, I'll have more time to dedicate to SB. However, I've still got some things I'm working on that should be out by the end of May. Here's a quick run-down:

All in 1/48 scale:

-- KA-3B refueling pod with stowed basket

-- KA-3B fuel vent tip

-- AD-5W conversion (the first sets sold out, but I'm not happy with the way the dome is casting, so I'm going to rework the molds to get better castings)

-- F-14D update (for the R/M kit)

-- F-14A/B/D complete set including vinyl and resin (these will be three separate sets for the R/M kits that include everything I've made for the F-14)

-- Ju-87 Stuka vinyl camo masks

-- F-4C/D vinyl camo masks

For summer projects, I'm going to tinker with an ERA-3B conversion and a 1/32 scale KA-6D conversion for the Trumpeter kit. I'd also like to get a couple more camo mask sets done if I can manage it.

As always, thanks for the support and the business. I'm actually celebrating my 10th anniversary, believe it or not. I have you guys to thank!

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That's quite the list Darren. Did you hire some Gnomes to help out :)?

I especially like the F-14 complete set. I still have 2 of the Monogram kits in my stash as well as several of the Hasegawa versions but I still like my Monogram kit.

As for that 1/32nd KA-6D would you not think that Trumpeter will release it down the road? Although now that I think about it, probably good for you to strike now while the kit is hot and get the sales. Plus you will probably still be able to move some sets when Trumpeter inevitably gets something not quite right when they do the tanker version. I may be wrong though :)

Have not been able to pick up my Skywarrior yet but looking to get it later this summer and I will be sure to gather up your update sets. Still have to figure out the different versions out there and what is what. So friking confusing I tell you.

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I'll be in for those KA-3 tanker bits as well as the big KA-6 tanker pack.

Also the ERA -3 if you do that.

Did manage to snag your RA-3 set the last time at SB ... thanks for the heads up on that one.

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