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Jay Laverty/MasterCasters has taken me for 67 GBP!

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I'd ordered from MasterCasters before, so, a little over ONE year ago, I ordered the CF-105 detail sets from MasterCasters. I contacted them on several occasions, and Jay and Roberta always had excuses; the patterns were being updated, the mold maker broke his hand or something, problems with this that and the other thing! I was patient! Then, I realized that the one year anniversary of my order was coming up. I managed to get in contact with Roberta, after many tries! The phone number listed on their website was not in service! Finally reached Roberta, after trying to reach Jay at Scale Aircraft Modeller, and through his buddy Jamie Haggo. Roberta was apologetic, asked me to give them one last chance and give them another 30 days. What option did I have? Too late to file any Paypal or credit card dispute, so I waited!

Anyway, 30 days have come and gone, no contact, no refund, no product! Absolute rubbish customer service! Don't know what's up with them but they sure have a way with people! I've given up on ever receiving my product or a refund, so Jay and Roberta have taken me for a ride and I guess their having a good laugh!

I Jay used my 66 GBP to partially pay for his new tablet he raves about in this months SAM!



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I hope it works out for you...

But in the meantime, can you explain to this Yank the meaning here; "...pissed as a fart in Wilsndorf". That is funny! By pissed I gather you mean drunk (here pissed usually means mad).

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I had a similar problem a couple of years ago after I first learned of the CF-105 sets.

Ordered the gear bays and intakes and waited and then I got a message about the molds, and the caster, etc., all in all very similar to your story.

After about a month I asked for a refund which I got in a few days, but I ended up losing $5 on the deal because the exchange rate had changed in between when I ordered and when he refunded my money.

Never again.


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I stopped buying (and reading) SAM shortly after he took over as editor. The style changed IMHO for the worse - it seems to lose its integrity. I guess this story comes as no surprise.


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Thinking back, I would , at least file a report to Ebay/ Paypal regardless, including ALL correspondence , so that the facts are known, particularly all the excuses etc.....

In any event , as good as Jamie Haggo may be, I would NEVER take that as a reassurance in relation to the process....

As a side note I noticed he spent most of the weekend at Scale Model World in Telford getting progressively pissed out of his brains,as were a lot of others gathering around one of the stands he was at..

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I want to report my experience dealing with Jay Laverty, a.k.a. Mastercasters, a.k.a. Iroquois Models.


In June of 2017 I ordered and paid for four resin detail sets from Jay Laverty. They were to be delivered in Sept 2017 because Jay explained he was finishing up new masters for some of the sets. But he assured me Sept 2017 was more than enough time to complete the sets.


Sept 2017 rolled around and I got nothing. After repeated excuses he finally shipped two of the sets. 

To date (April 2019) I have not received anything else from Jay. No refund. No parts I ordered.

I did earn myself a block from all communications from Jay Laverty after continual reminders upset him I suppose.

Let this be a firm warning. Do not deal with Jay Laverty. He has stolen money from many individuals and he'll do it to you too.

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On 11/7/2019 at 2:01 PM, Hubbie Marsten said:

So sorry to hear about all the modellers who got scammed by this lamey Laverty crook.

Does anybody know where he could be found in person these days? I take it that this Roberta is his wife?

you can find him on Facebook, easy enough

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Looks like I could have benefited from this post if I saw it sooner.


I placed a direct order on Nov. 15, 2019 for some CF-100 resin items and paid with PayPal. Never received an order or shipping confirmation from MasterCasters. I tried contacting them twice via email in mid December to get an update but didn't get any replies. I had to forward the PayPal transaction to Jay and he finally replied and said the order will go out on Dec. 20, 2019, a full 5 weeks after the order was placed. There was no PayPal shipping confirmation or tracking information supplied. His excuse was that his email spam filters blocked my emails.


Fast forward to Feb. 2020 and I had tried 3 times to contact Jay with no response. Twice via email and once via the Contact Us link on his site. No reply, even to the Contact Us link. I initiated a PayPal claim on Monday, Feb. 10, 2020, and he finally replied through the PayPal resolution centre and sounded surprised that the order never made it here. I wasn't surprised after reading this post. He agreed to "resend" the order but in the process failed to obtain any tracking number. I've got a PayPal shipping notice but no tracking information and have until the end of  Feb. 29/2020 to escalate the claim.


Without tracking, it's pretty inevitable that the claim will bet escalated. At this point, after 3 months, I have lost any hope of seeing the product.





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