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school on me the T-90

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looking into building a T-90. I see that trumpeter,meng,and zvezda make this tank. seeing how trumpeter/hobby boss slacks in the aircraft department, how does their armor stack up?


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I've been prevaricating about a one-off venture into tracky-land for a year or so, being seduced by the low 'n' lethal looks of the T-90 and the awesome 1/72 builds knocking around the web.

AFAIK, the T-90 comes in 2 flavours (cast or welded turret) and is derived from the T-72 rather than the more complex T-80. It is a subject well served in different ways by the three usual suspects you mentioned.

I recommend the Amorama review archive as your next stop.


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I've got both the Meng T90A & Trumps cast turret T90, both are very good I'd say Meng's has the edge (only just) & the new Soviet/Russian armour/AFV's from Trumpeter are awesome Easily a match for Dragon!.

if you're not worried about very small details Trumps is a good kit (even has PE bolt heads),but I'd say the Meng is the bench mark for the type.

HTH Andy. :cheers:

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