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Has anybody buikt this kit yet? You have to have the photo etch set becasue they made the kit railings about two scale feet thick. they could be used as bunker maerial.

The brass guns for the turrets and primary swivel guns is a big improvement and the wood for the decks make a big difference.

When put alongside the Musashi it's hard to believe that this was a Battleship or Dreadnaught. It's less than half its size and much not much longer than a Fletcher class Destroyer. The masts make it stand out as a interesting design of when they were still converting from sail.

As for building the kit, it has caused me all sorts of problems along the way, some of which I may have caused myself. It's nearing completion and I'm really looking forward to all that rigging.

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Interesting thread. He did a good job painting he decks, far better han I could. I used the laser wood decks which covered the gaqps he mentioned. The metal guns look much better and the photoetch set helps a lot, even though I'm not using the entire set. There are some strange conflicts with this ship, how can a certain pieces they have laid out actually work on the real ship. I'm getting into the rigging now and have noticed that the funnel braces would keep the two booms from swinging out or even picking up some of the boats. The odd thing is that when I checked the instructions against the photos provided of the real ship, the booms were actually inside the braces.

At first I thought that the two holes on each side of he hull below the waterline might be a mistake, then I found out that she was armed with four topeado tubes and that these must be what the holes were.

When you look at Mikasa and compare it to Yamato and Mushashi, it's amazing how much advancement there was in such a brief time.

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Well, after a lot of stress, language, and other things, the Mikasa is finished.


It has wooden decks and brass cannons on the turrets and largest of its pivot guns. It carries a lot of rigging and I can't figure out how they lowered their boats. most are mounted between the smoke stacks which are supported with heavy cables. There is only one crane to reach all those boats and then how did they do it with the crane next to the stacks? All I can come up with is the crew detaching the stack cables to get the boats out.

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Thanks. I'll try getting a better shot with my film camera. The small digital one died.

You should see this thing siting alongside the Mushashi. It's less than half its size and there's quite an advancement in the short time between the two ships..

If you decide to take thins monster on, you need at least the photoetch set. I got the Gold Metal pack which I think is the better set out there. The wooden decks went on with no problem which supervised me because I had never done wood decks before. With the gun barrel sets you get he main turrets and the lower pivot guns. The other guns would have been nice but there were several more guns on this ship, including a second level of smaller pivot guns, guns on the front and rear bridge and up in the masts.

This kit tried my patience to the point I finally destroyed the kit and had to buy another. I started over and used the decks and some other assemblies that survived from the first attempt.

One headaches are the very over thick rails on the bridges and upper structures. Even worse was the rigging. The P.E. set gives you the foot holds for the yard arms but the rest has to be done by hand. I used a combination of stretched sprue and very fine wire.

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