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Stef (#6)

UH-1C Huey

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Hello all,

Being on hollidays, and given by a friend, a 1/48 Hobby Boss UH-1C, I wanted to check wether, as it's written on the box, if it was an esay assembly - and yes, it is.

You will see where I am, after just 4 hours work.

Just a few words aboutt the kit : sure enough, a nice basis for the experienced modeller, and a kit bashing with old Monogram would certainly produce a neat result. Now, if you want to begin with Helos or do a nice quick built for your young nephew to hang in his bedroom, that's your kit.

I will go for a straight out of the box bild. The selected scheme is the Marines one, eventhough is an E model.

On with the picies :







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Hello again,

Some good progress along the week on the Huey.

First, the final decoration will be "EasyRider", a UH-1C of the 174th HAC Sharks, in Vietnam.

I first intended to go for the Marines scheme offered in the box, but this scheme is for an "E" model, which has a fair deal of differences with a "C" (like a whinch on roof, "zigzag" UHF aerial on both sides of fuselage, and so on).

Hence, the choice of the army decoration - more, a Huey is Vietnam and that's all . :)/>

Easy rider is supposed to be a gunship, but the kit doesn't offer any kind of weaponry - that would have been interesting, as some side weapons set-up, for instance, you need to have open doors - an option the kit is not offering.

On with the pics (lotsa !)

Turbine exhaust in place. It certainly does stand a tad too much. First painted black, then Alclad Pale Gold.

Panel lines are very sharp and fine.


Working the windshield ...



Rotor head is quite simplified but from 3 feet away will certainly look cool.



Testing the clear part assembly. One of the best to date.


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And a few more ...

Fuselage closed, on for the putty. Nothing very important, just smoothing things.



And the canopy is set : almost no seams at all.


Close-up view -the horns are to be removed, not installed on Easy Rider.


Some black to really avoid any transparency and for the anti-glare panel in front of the windshield.



And some Olive Drab. Fisrt layer is with Gunze Acrylics #78, a colour intended for US Tanks. It is darker than

aircraft OD, which will come at the next step.



Well, that's all for now, if you have any comment feel free ! :)/>

Stef (#6)

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