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Sputtering airbrush

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Hi all, I haven't used my airbrush in three years, but yesterday I went to blow some thinners through it in preparation to paint something with it and I couldn't get a constant spray, it stopped and started.

Does it just need more cleaning? Doe anyone have any good cleaning tips?

It's a Revell Vario bottom feed airbrush if that helps at all.

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First of all check that the breather hole on top of the siphon lid is clear, this can get clogged and affects the pressure differential. If that's clear then it's time to dismantle the AB as far as you can and put all the parts into a jar of thinners and leave for 48 hrs. After that gently rub and clean each part using kitchen roll and cotton buds then rinse the parts in fresh thinners. Reassemble and test, make sure that the needle is pushed in from the back as far as it goes before tightening up the chuck. If the sputtering continues look at the seals/o rings and tip for damage these can become dry and brittle if left sitting for long periods of time without use and eventually split.

Also make sure you have enough pressure from your air source although to spray pure thinners should only take about 5-6 psi.

If none of the above work drop me a PM.


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Don't get thinner in the air valve. The little rubber o-ring doesn't like it.

If cleaning doesn't work:

With a bottom fed airbrush, a leaky needle seal can cause pulsing. Internal vacuum can draw air through the seal and make bubbles. To check, hold it upside down, squirt some thinner in it, and spray. If it doesn't pulse, the needle seal is a likely cause of your problem. If it is, it may be adjustable. You should feel a little resistance when you install or remove the needle.


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