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hello JL,

WOW ! Great neat start...looking very impressive to ME.. :yahoo:

I do like what you have done to the IP..

awesome start indeed ..

keep up the good work and I will be back to see more of your lovely work... :worship:

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Not at all, Iggy!

Tips, techniques, suggestions & constructive criticism are always welcome! I'll be trying to catch up, developing skills I never used as a kid building these things, so any help or opinions anyone can provide is greatly appreciated!

I added the stripes with a fine-tipped (.005) black Micron illustrators pen, and the Viper is now moved to the back of the workbench to make way for the Hornet group build! I'll post more as soon as I make some more progress! Thanks for taking a look! :D


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Some time ago I pulled my Nellis Viper build from the stash and took a long look at it. After doing a good amount of research on the F-16, I discovered that the Hasegawa kit I'm using isn't accurate for the Block 52 variant provided on the TwoBobs decals, so those markings went back in the stash for another day. Next, I figured out that I could build a Block 25 with what I had left, so I dove back into this project, going in a new direction.

I picked up a Microscale F-16 sheet, and I'll be using the decals for the 122nd FW "Blacksnakes", Indiana ANG to complete this Viper. I also wanted to try a set of Astra Decals stiffener plates, so they were added to the order.


I used an Aires cockpit for the first round of this build, but I botched the installation and didn't like the final look, so I decided to close the canopy to hide the problem areas (mostly just the canopy sill). Here is where the fuselage stands as of now:


A major fix is going to be the chaff/flare dispensers. The Block 25 only has the two at the rear, one on either side of the fuselage, so I removed the PE parts I had installed before and filled their cutouts. I'm still working on the boxes to house the dispensers being installed:


Last major change is the loadout. I'm cutting back and using just two gas bags under the wings, and the two CATM-120s (wingtips) and LANTIRN pod I had already put together for this build.


I'll update again as soon as I get some more bench time on this build. Thanks for following along!

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Not too much to update on, but I wanted to upload some photos, since my previous images are MIA.

A better shot of the CATM-120s and my lens modifications to the LANTIRN (both Hasegawa weapons set items):


I finished both a Quickboost ejection seat and the Aires seat that came with the cockpit set a while ago. I decided to save the Aires seat for another build, since it had extra detail added with Eduard PE. That one will be used for a Viper with the canopy open. The Quickboost seat should look okay with the canopy closed:


The weathered gear wells, finished previously (such lack of detail, lol):


And lastly, some progress... cockpit dry brushed and ready to be closed up:



I finally got around to fitting the Eduard PE chaff/flare dispensers flush into the fuselage, and closing up the other holes I made previously. Not 100%, but they should look OK:


Thanks for looking, and feel free to pass along any tips, comments, critiques, etc. Happy modeling!

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