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SCOTTCON 2014 will take place on Saturday June 7 at the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins GA. This year's theme is "D-Day + 70". There are 9 classes and 41 categories for competition. Zoukei-Mura has graciously donated a 1/32nd A-1J Skyraider for the winner of Best Aircraft. In addition to the best of class and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each category, there are an additional 8 special awards for differing themes. We also have 44 tables reserved by attending vendors. Multiple raffles drawings will occur during the day with the grand prize of the raffle being a paint booth. More info on SCOTTCON as well a registration forms can be found at http://ipmsrlscottcontest.webs.com/

Hope to see you there.


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Only 4 days away, now! We have a dedicated photographer scheduled to take pics so hopefully we'll be able to show them soon after the contest. He'll have his own table with light set-up and all. Anyone who wants a pic of his model taken can bring it to his table.

Looking forward to seeing ya'll there!

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