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AW129 Mangusta/T129 ATAK

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Has anybody seen a kit for the AW129 Mangusta with the 20mm gatling gun or does anybody know of any conversion or add-on kits to add the 20mm gun and ammo box to the Italeri or Tamiya 1/72 kits? Cant believe nobody has made a full kit of this model yet! Also does anyone know what happened to the Cunarmodel 1/72 A129 Mangusta that got as far as the boxart stage at least? It looked like the prototype model with the grey colour scheme and a few external differences to the production model.

Does anyone know of any plans to release a model of the TAI T129 ATAK version also?

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Please take a little patience. I'm making the Mangusta is Italian and ATAK. 2 kits will be available in resin. At the moment I can not say more. Just one thing. Worth the wait!

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T-129 / ATAK has so many changes that trying to build one from a standard Mangusta kit would be a major task : new nacelles, five-rotor main blade, new tail rotor, etc. This does not cover the various Turkish-designed additions like the FLIR turret and indigenous weaponry (Cirit and Mizrak-U missile launchers etc.). Best of luck with the project.


T-129 video

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Well, thanks to Ernest (Aluxe?) off here I now have in my possession a 1/72 Concord Models A-129 Mangusta which is based on an early prototype with a chin mounted gun! I didnt even know this kit existed!

Its not a bad little kit even though it has a few problems. The decals are a bit sparce n theres no white on the roundels, which is easy enough to fix though and the gun only has two barrels (i'd say they must have modelled it off the photo on the box but doesn't take much common sense to figure it's a 3 barrelled gun. I have an old scrapped AH-1T Cobra that I can take the gun off anyway!) but it's gonna be a nice easy build. I'm just glad I have it n don't have to mess about trying to customise a different kit! So that's my 1/72 scale attack helicopter collection/stash finally finished now!

Thanks Ernest!

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