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Installing the wood deck on my 1/350 "Arizona"

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Hey, nice to see this one! Sorry I've missed it so far.

Couple of things easily missed. Not sure if it's too late, but the interior decking which it looks like you've primed in white (where the 5" 51's are mounted) should have deck gray flooring, which is extremely dark gray, slightly darker than Euro I gray. The interior walls were probably whitish or very light gray. I got this information from conversations with the Arizona's survivors.

Also, a little-known fact, especially to pretty much every kit manufacturer, is on the aft deck on either side of turret 3, those octagonal plates which every kit makes out to be plate armor is actually bare wood. It's a section where the planks are laid in the octagonal pattern. Not sure what it covers, but it is bare wood planking. You can just make out the edge of it in that open space in the middle of the men, 1/3 up from the bottom, here: http://navsource.org/archives/01/039/013934h.jpg

There is a much better photo of it in the Stillwell book on the Arizona, and I can't seem to locate that image online...it's clearly visible in a photo of Marines doing exercises on deck at that spot.

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Not sure what it covers, but it is bare wood planking.

They're usually referred to as "soft patches" and you can see them in sheets 3 and 4 in her "Booklet of General Plans" "bolted plate". They allow easier access down to the engine space for the removal of large components, which did happen soon after her maiden voyage after launch. However, just because they were bolted on, did not mean that the Navy did not want them flush with the rest of the deck, so they were planked, as Andy indicated. Both Revell and Banner/Mini Hobby Models/Trumpeter got this wrong on their kits.

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