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Apollo/Saturn V References

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Greets All;

I have been almost exclusively an aircraft guy for the last 45 years or so. With the recent release of the Dragon Apollo/Saturn V, my interest in the technological marvels and modeling subjects of my adolescent years has been rekindled. I had an avid interest in the 60s and early 70s that waned with the demise of the Apollo Program and drifted to warbirds and modern jets.

I recently snagged a Dragon Saturn V and the ancient Monogram LEM kit. Since I like to accumulate references for "accurizing" models BEFORE embarking on a build I'm seeking suggestions on publications (and websites) that detail the various Apollo vehicles including the Saturn V, LEM and CM/CSM.

I hope that the participants in this forum might be able to offer some recommendations. TIA for anything you can offer.


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This is my favourite site for reference for Apollo. Just about every photo taken is on this site. Choose your mission and prepare yourself to spend hours and hours poring over the pix. You just can't beat photos for accurate reference.


The LM book, Virtual LM, is pretty good, and rare I think, but even tho' there are a few errors in the renderings, I'd say it's still about 95% accurate. Even Mike Mackowski's book isn't 100%.

Another LM site for coverings of the Mylar Insulation is ...


These'll keep ya interested for a little while anyway. :woot.gif:


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