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Desert Storm Tornado

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I've been building this kit at warp speed, well warp speed as compared to my usual build time.

To begin with I got this kit from a friend of mine who bought a collection about two years ago, and near as I can tell this and the others I bought with it had resided in the rafters of a garage for some years, but as the saying goes, "the glory is in the struggle"


The build started out normally, nothing really jumped out at me till I started getting closer to the fuselage going together.

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I started with the wings, three parts each, but the flaps had a nice warp to them and the upper and lower halves had a slight warp as well.


The I got industrious, and decided to pose the speed brakes open (this has since changed to closed) and I hinged them with straight pins....



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Now sometime in the past I lost the kits forward(pilots) instrument panel and had to scratch build a new one.

Once I got to painting I used an RLM semigloss grey for the front office color. I also reinforced the LONG seam on the forward fuselage with styrene stock






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one of our members here donated aircrew for this, and either the kits cockpits are out of scale or theres something wrong somewhere else. It took removing almost a third of the ejection seats volume to get the pilots fitted. But I digress, no one will notice it once its all buttoned up



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every part of this model has needed filler somewhere, even the parts that you didnt have to cement to another part to form an assembly




This was my biggest worry, the vertical tail, it had me running around looking for creative ways to get it on and solidly attached.

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then it was on to front end again, the canopy ans windscreen glass were separate pieces from the frames, so I double bubbled them and made one assembly which caused problems later, and I'm slowly working this to a solution



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