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Desert Storm Tornado

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The aircrews flying suits worn on DS by the RAF were tan in color,the was a few olive colored suits floating about but generally tan.We haven't used blue gray flightsuits since the 70's

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The aircrews flying suits worn on DS by the RAF were tan in color,the was a few olive colored suits floating about but generally tan.We haven't used blue gray flightsuits since the 70's

thanks spike, unfortunately I didn't have color photos of any current RAF flying gear so I guessed, but its too late now and the blue kind of looks nice and it adds some contrast to the cockpit colors.

The way its looking I'll be back behind the bench Monday night.

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made some progress the last few days.

Got the out board pylon pods completed, theyre a mix of kit parts, robbed parts from a Monogram F-14 and putty.

I've also attached the pylons to all the pods and fuel tanks as well finally attaching the last major parts to the fuselage, the intakes are going to be the last major head ache before I can begin painting and finishing.

Anyway, here are the newest pictures.





I know the ECM pods are WAY off, but I have no references for them and did the best I could with what little I had to work with, that being said, the longer of the two I took artistic license with just because, and my cousins ought to like it, so there it is lol.

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Next up is the figure that's closest to being complete, again I only pre-90's reference material and went with the blue-grey flight suit for that reason, the next one I do will be right since now I have the correct color information.




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and last is the intakes, there was a MONSTER seam on both sides so I used Miliput super fine to fill the initial gaps, once sanded they'll get the usual regular putty treatment for all final filling and fairing.





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thanks fellas, I ran into a major snag with the intakes, the Milliput wouldn't cure , so I scraped it off and put thinned Testors putty in its place, gave it a day to dry and it didn't cure or eat into the plastic :bandhead2:

So I CA'd it and will have them both filled and ready for Mr Surfacer tonight.

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So the intakes are filled and I have finished the aircrew and installed them and thier seats in the cockpits.

Next came the canopy assembly, it is now installed and being faired into the surrounding airframe.

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okay everybody, I am back with an update and pictures.

progress has been slow, but I've made strides toward the ever anticipated first coat of "Desert Pink" lol

I have gotten the crew permanently seated in the cockpits, the wing pylon pivots have been strengthened for a good friction fit, I salvaged the belly pylons and have built two Hasegawa Mk-84 two thousand pounders to occupy them.

first some overall shots of everything but the belly pylons.


Over head shot of the front offices


Over head of the whole build


from the side


and back




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Now for the story of the salvaged belly racks.

I tried to make these look like the ones that come in the old Monogram 72nd scale kit of this aircraft, yeah that didn't work out too well so I decided to build the kit in clean configuration, only carrying a payload on the wing pylons, that is until I did some looking and found that the Tornado did carry single bombs on the belly pylons. Now before there's a heart attack, I know that most times you see an IDS loaded for bear its carrying LGB's, but since I have no 48 scale LGB's she got "dumb" Mk-84s. :coolio:

The pylons got my attempt at scratch building hacked off, filled and cut again for a set of Hasegawa sway braces, locating pins made from straight pins, ejector feet made from straight pin heads, and holes drilled in the sway brace feet for the brace foot pad pins.

The 84s got cemented and put up for a day to set, then I drilled out the fastener holes that secure the finned rear sections to the forward sections of the bombs and scribed the rest of the raised detail. The scribing came out okay, but not as well as I would've liked, but for my first attempt at scribing a circle around the outside diameter of a bomb it could've been worse.






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