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Academy 1/32 F-16 Intake(s)

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All orders have been shipped.

Some of you should be receiving your parts tomorrow. I hope you like them!

I'm going to put together a tutorial about filling and sanding the seam and doing the latex pour. I will post it here as well as on my website. I just need to figure out how to get some better pictures inside the intake!


Tutorial is up: http://www.zactomodels.com/html/F-16/Intake_Tutorial.htm

Next I'll be posting a little tutorial here about how to make the Sufa bump.

You are the man.

No, you da man!


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Do you test fit for inbox HTS or 5L/5R pylons?

Since the external shape of the intake has been corrected, you will no doubt need to test fit the pylons and make slight adjustment to them. A small price to pay for a corrected intake.


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I've received , and installed the intake set on my latest F-16 project , and it fits superbly , actually better than the kit parts , and even with the aires resin undercarriage bay in place the fit isn't impacted in any way , an excellent product chris , and I look forward to may more F-16 builds in my future , (on top of the 5 in the last year or so!)

One other product that suggests itself while talking about P&W powered F-16s , a tail pipe set, with closed petals , I got a hold of a set of Tamiya parts , and they fit the academy kit , and beng closed look a lot better than the rather clumsy pieces Academy would have you use

Just a thought!


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I received my set today, very nice and very quick service/shipping. :thumbsup:/>

WRT adding the bump in the floor of the 52+ inlets, won't this be problematic when pulling the part out of the mold (or, the mold out of the tunnel)? It seems the tunnel mold would have to be two parts, resulting in a parting line at the high point of the bump.

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Thanks for the news, Youngtiger1. I found this kit at a Hobby Lobby in their Clearance section. The price was so ridiculously low that I bought it. I want to do an in-flight of an F-16C from the B.R.A.C.'d 178FW in Springfield, OH. It's a Block 30, so it needs the M.C.I.D. intake. The "big-mouth" intake in the kit is horrendous. I could live with the N.S.I. intake. Again, thanks for the news. I can't wait.

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I'm going to have to look at mine to see if I can replace the kit parts. Mine is almost ready for paint.

Hey Chomper, Are you doing a Viper with the MCID (big-mouth) intake? I've had mine on hold, because I have other projects that I can do. I wanna get some NSI and MCID intakes, when Chris gets them both done and on the market. By the way, what jet are you doing?

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I shuffled things around and bought a Tamiya kit to give me a Block 50 build. I went ahead and ordered a small intake for my Academy kit to build my Block 52.

EDIT: Wanted to add that it arrived last week. Absolutely stunning work! Very excited to start this build now.

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