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Hello everyone:

I want to purchase a Harder & Steenbeck airbrush and am wondering if the standard hose connection that I use for my Paasche brush to connect to the air compressor will work with the H&S brush? Or do I need to purchase a specific hose?



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The Paasche airbrush to hose connection is unique to Paasche. Harder & Steenbeck uses the more standard 1/8" connector. You will need a different hose or an adapter.


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I recently purchased a H&S Silverline and it came with a quick connect fitting on the airbrush.

I went to their website and found their fittings and adapters parts listings because I wanted to be able to use my Iwata Smart Jet compressor with hose. I found the quick connect adapter for my size and type hose fitting and ordered it along with the cleaning tool and paint cup covers.

The quick connect is really nice. The H&S airbrush works great and is really easy to clean.

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I've got a brand new, never been used, still in the box Infinity with all the xtras for sale at a discount. PM me if interested.

Which model is it? I found 7 different models of the Infinity series at Chicago Airbrush. Does it come with the manufacturer's warranty? I am interested if the saving is good.

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